How to buy cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the most modern payment systems, and every gambler should have at least basic knowledge about the principles of working with popular digital tokens. Many local users want to buy cryptocurrency because it has a lot of great features: 

  • Uniqueness

 Every cryptocurrency is protected from duplication and counterfeiting.

  • Decentralization.

Banks and tax systems cannot influence, write off, or otherwise regulate transaction flows. 

  • Limitation

Every digital currency has special creation limits, and it means that there is no need to worry about the currency’s future value. 

  • Anonymity.

All transfers made by users are completely confidential (except for contracts).

There are more than 1100 cryptocurrencies nowadays. These are the most successful and beloved virtual tokens:

  • Bitcoin. The oldest and the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is constantly growing, and many experts believe that this is the most reliable currency. The minimum unit is 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum. Virtual currency for people who develop mobile applications. Since Ethereum is an open platform, it attracts financial companies and major developers.
  • Litecoin. Based on the name, you can guess that this currency is similar to Bitcoin. Litecoin is believed to be one of the safest virtual tokens, and inexperienced users can buy it to have zero worries about their money.

The main problem is that many Indian punters don’t know where and how to buy virtual currency. There are several options for new customers:

  • Crypto wallets 
  • Exchange platforms
  • Crypto apps (mobile wallets)

The most reliable option is to buy virtual tokens on popular exchange platforms (BITTREX, KRAKEN, BINANCE). International exchange companies have very profitable offers, and you should select the best variant and visit the preferred platform to find step-by-step instructions and useful tips. And do not forget that Indian customers can buy Bitcoin using their credit cards or other payment options. Use PayPal, Skrill, or popular local payment systems to send money to your cryptocurrency wallet.

How to deposit your cryptocurrency

How to deposit your cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies allow Indian punters to make instant and free money transfers, and local customers should learn how to deposit their digital funds. There are 3 ways to send crypto tokens to your gambling wallet:

  • Desktop wallet.

There are many Bitcoin wallets on the Bitcoin website (BitPay, Armory, Bitcoin Knots, Bitcoin Core, etc.). Many gamblers choose Bitcoin Core, and you can use it or select the most convenient platform. Download Bitcoin Core and install it on an SSD disk. Your wallet and your crypto address will be in the folder.

  • Online wallet.

Online wallets integrate all crypto services on one platform, and you can create a wallet to make crypto transfers with low fees. Find the most comfortable service (Unocoin, Blockchain, Coinbase, etc.), complete the registration procedure, and get your crypto address. But do not forget that online crypto wallets do not have customer support managers, and that is why you should choose the most trustworthy option.

  • Hardware wallet.

Hardware wallets allow Indian users to buy physical private keys and have the highest possible level of protection. This option is as convenient as online crypto wallets. You need to go through the activation process to receive your private key, create a PIN-code, and start making crypto deposits.

Betting sites that accept cryptocurrency

Even though betting on cryptocurrency is one of the most modern betting options, many local and international resources allow Indian punters to make their first bitcoin withdrawal in India and receive exclusive rewards. You can join several platforms to find the most convenient and profitable option. These are the most reliable sites accepting Bitcoin in India:

  • 1xbet;
  • PariMatch;
  • MelBet;
  • 22Bet.

New users should select the best site and visit it to find more information about Bitcoin betting. Many Bitcoin sites in India have special rewards for crypto deposits, and you can join well-known platforms with the most generous bonuses.

Start betting with cryptocurrency

After learning more about virtual currencies and choosing the best cryptocurrency betting site, you can finally start Bitcoin betting. Indian punters need to remember that they can deposit cryptocurrency on Bitcoin betting sites in just a few clicks(two actions carried out on two different platforms). Follow these instructions to deposit cryptocurrency:


Go to one of your favorite Bitcoin betting sites and click the “Deposit” button;


Find “Bitcoin” among the provided payment methods;


Choose the amount you want to deposit (in the future it will be converted into cryptocurrency);


Click “Confirm”;


Next, you will see a window where it will be written how many Bitcoins you need to transfer to the platform’s crypto address. Copy the written address;


Go to your Blockchain and make a deposit. Enter the copied address, fill in your details, and confirm the transaction.

After completing these steps, your casino balance will be replenished as quickly as possible. Visit your gambling wallet to check your deposit and start using your crypto funds to place wagers.


How do I deposit crypto on a betting site?

First of all, you need to make sure that the bookmaker accepts betting on cryptocurrency. Visit your betting wallet, find Bitcoin among the platform’s payment methods, receive the company’s crypto address, and send the required amount of virtual tokens.

Can I buy cryptocurrency with Indian Rupees?

Yes, local users can buy virtual tokens using any currency (Indian Rupees, Dollars, Euro, etc.).

Is it legal to use cryptocurrency in India?

Digital currency is completely legal in India. Since the main advantage of cryptocurrency is decentralization, no one can regulate it or ban Indian users.

Where do I buy cryptocurrency?

There are many convenient options for inexperienced and professional customers. Many users prefer to buy cryptocurrency on Binance and other reliable platforms.