About the PUBG Mobile: Features and Advantages

Many people have tried to implement games on mobile platforms. Almost all GTA, one Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim, Minecraft, and many other games have been released on phones. Ports are often just a way to pump out more money, hiding behind the name of the series.

Tencent has gone the other way, and PUBG Mobile has become a quality game, surpassing its competitors. It has already reached its PC counterpart in popularity, with over 600 million downloads in 2019, and the numbers continue to grow.


The plot is no different from the PC version. The same 100 players fly to a desert island to participate in a royal battle, where only one can survive. Around the island will be the same zone, which will periodically taper, and to survive – you need to stay inside it. Players still have to search for equipment, weapons, medicines, and boosts, which will help them to survive until the end.


The gameplay of PUBG Mobile is very similar, if not identical, to the PC version. The only difference that catches your eye is the layout on a smartphone screen, and when playing on an emulator, you won’t immediately be able to tell what the differences are. But they are there, and we’ll look at them in a moment.

  • In the mobile version, the payoffs have been significantly reduced. And this is correct, because you have to hit them somehow, and, after all, your fingers are not a computer mouse;
  • It has become easier to drive cars. They fly away less on hills, and there is much less chance of failing to enter a turn;
  • Minor graphical changes;
  • Slightly lower quality of textures, windows are not glazed.

We would also like to note the following:

  1. In PUBG Mobile there is a more intelligent system of pumping and donation;
  2. The main difference is the system of picking up items. In PUBG Mobile, when you pick up the loot, it appears on small tables.

But in general, it’s the same PUBG, optimised for phones.


We’ve already touched on this a bit in the paragraph above. Yes, the textures have become less realistic than on PC, but the game is also designed for phones. And on them, it all looks calm and clear.


Like everything else, the mechanics were carried over from the main game, only with the difference that the game was slightly adjusted for the phones to make it realistic to play. The mechanics in PUBG Mobile are only slightly inferior to the original game.


But the sound in PUBG Mobile is a little bit disappointing. Yes, you can still hear everything here, but with extraneous noise.


We can say that PUBG Mobile is almost 100% copy of the original game but optimised for the phone. Before its release, there was nothing like it, so it is not surprising that the mobile version is at the TOP of the most popular smartphone games.

Overall, the following advantages of the PUBG Mobile game can be highlighted:

  • Good graphics;
  • Completely relocated gameplay;
  • Some things like picking up loot are automated;
  • Fully implemented lobbies for up to 4 players with voice chat.

In this 2021 review, we will tell you what to look out for when you bet on PUBG on gambling websites, which sites are the best PUBG websites to bet out there, what events you can bet on for PUBG, how to win in PUBG Mobile, which players and best PUBG teams are and more.

Betting Guides on PUBG Mobile

Betting guides on PUBG Mobile

The nature of the game is such that it is almost impossible to guess the winner. As a rule, 25 squads are playing on tournament maps simultaneously, and the bookmaker cannot include a win for each one in the line. That’s why PUBG betting is reminiscent of betting on biathlon or track and field. Bettors are offered the following events:

  • Whether the squad/player will make it to the top;
  • Comparison (who will last longer on the map);
  • Total fractions of popular teams/players;
  • The long-term is betting on tournament winners, region, etc.

As we can see, there is no exceptional choice of markets.

The main task is to determine whether a team or a player will make it to the TOP (to stay among the survivors, for example, TOP-10 is to make it to the last ten players on the map).

To do this, you need to know the current form of the main favourites of the match. Streaming, stats, and reviewing records of recent matches can help with this. There are no PUBG Mobile betting strategies for the game as such. PUBG predictions are also not made by anyone, at least among the more or less well-known personalities in the PUBG community.

Top Sites for Betting on PUBG Mobile in India

You can find PUBG in the lineup of any bookmaker’s office that gives eSports. Another thing is that some only cover the most massive events. If you are a fan of the game and want to bet, you need a bookmaker with broader coverage of tournaments. Of the popular bookmakers, the best betting conditions on PUBG are offered by:


1xBet has the most important tournaments and a good spread. This bookmaker often has quite rare games, and 1xBet users are offered free online streaming, good deposits and high odds.


Parimatch has good event coverage and market average odds. The bookmaker also offers an unusual format – live betting on popular streamers. It should be noted that Parimatch is one of the best bookmakers for betting on PUBG.


One of the few bookmakers that allow you to bet at skinny odds is Loot.Bet. The site will enable you to convert things into currency freely, make PUBG bets and withdraw any way you like. The disadvantages are the low odds and the high fee for exchanging skins for money.

Besides, you can find reasonable offers for betting on PUBG at the following bookmakers:

  • BetOnline;
  • GG Bet;
  • Betway;
  • 888 Sportsbook;
  • William Hill;
  • ArcaneBet;
  • LeoVegas;
  • Betsson;
  • Pinnacle;
  • BWIN;
  • Sportingbet;
  • Nitrogen;
  • Bet365.

Upcoming PUBG Mobile Live Matches & Events

PUBG has been considered a full-fledged eSports discipline for two years now. Naturally, there are a vast number of competitions on it every year:

  • The biggest event is the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI), with a prize pool of $3,500,000.
  • PUBG Continental Series – $200,000. Continental Series leagues are held in Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania.
  • PUBG Europe League (PEL) – $350,000. The largest league in Europe.

Indian PUBG Mobile Esports Teams

Indian PUBG Mobile eSports teams

Now a bit about the best Indian teams in PUBG. Below are the seven PUBG pro teams in the game.

TSM Entity

TSM Entity is one of the most famous Indian PUBG Mobile teams that have participated in major tournaments like PUBG Mobile Club Open, PUBG Mobile Pro League, and many others. For instance, Entity Gaming recently partnered with TSM, which led to their PUBG mobile team renaming as TSM Entity.

Team Soul

Team Soul has a pretty big fan base and has become a brand in the PUBG mobile community. Team Soul was formed by SouL Mortal, aka Naman Mathur, who is also part of the IGL team. What’s more, Soul won the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split, through which it has taken a big step forward.


SynerGE was at the top of their game when the team excelled in the PMCO qualifiers, and Global eSports has formed a team for mobile tournaments in 2019. Seervi is now the in-game leader of the group, which has performed brilliantly in past contests.


PowerHouse is one of the most aggressive teams when it comes to participating in early match battles. Former Iconic and Novaking players were previously part of Team Soul, where both players decided to create a new squad to compete in tournaments.

Team IND

Team IND is precisely the kind of team that has a wealth of experience both internationally and nationally. No matter how strong the opponents in front of them are, they always know how to dominate the battlefield. In PMCO India, Team IND finished second, securing their way into the next stage.


Fnatic is one of the most prestigious organisations in the PUBG eSports industry and was launched in 2019 for mobile eSports. However, the last year Fnatic team faced a few changes, with all players playing under the supervision of coach Aurum.

The U Mumba eSports (UME)

The U Mumba eSports (UME) team is an extension of the U Mumba brand. The team was initiated in late 2018 after the inaugural season of U Cypher in 2017. This team represents the city of Mumbai in the new age eSports space in India.

Indian PUBG Mobile Esports Players

Here are the players from India in the top 3 of the PUBG rankings.


In a concise space of time, Jonathan, representing TSM-Entity Gaming, has established himself as one of the best in the world. Fueled by confidence and a zeal to succeed, he is the latest prodigy to deliver stunning performances. His peers admire his teaching methods and commitment to practice.


Sc0ut is one of the most influential players in the Indian gaming community, as his fans and colleagues often describe him. His skills and gyro control are impeccable and unparalleled.

People who can combine their work ethic with their talent rise above all others. It is the story of everyone, including Sc0ut himself, who has risen through the ranks and established himself as one of the best players. His passion, focus, and obsession with the game and performance have allowed him to stand out as the best amongst the best.


Despite the brutality, bloodshed, and killing in the game, all winners must have the demeanour of a monk. Mortal, as a leader, remains positive and inspires hope in a team that might otherwise believe that defeat is inevitable, especially when things go wrong.

It should be noted that this player is a regular streamer on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers and is also passionate about playing the game at a competitive level.

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