There are tons of gambling apps available online, but many of them are fake and money-hoggers. Many professional fantasy players have in-depth knowledge of the game and invest hundreds of thousands of Indian rupees daily. Some of the early prices on obscure sports markets at some Bookmakers are pretty much just speculative. Some Bookmaker doesn’t accurately price the odds. And that’s why we usually emphasize 2 types of bookmakers: reputable and blacklisted. Let’s start with the factors, which should be taken into account while identifying the bookmakers’ reputation.

How Does a Betting Site Get Blacklisted

In order to determine site as a blacklisted one, during our review of the customers’ negative feedback on betting sites, we focus on the following issues: 

  • The amount of entry deposit. 

This means that a bookmaker’s entry deposit is way too high in comparison to competitors’ deposit amount.

  • Conditions for money withdrawal. 

While withdrawing many customers face a time-consuming verification process which ends up in closing their accounts and not withdrawing any money. As a result, blacklisted bookmakers will lock the money and use it for their needs, which might be illegal.

  • Delaying of payments 

As provided by the bookies, Blacklisted sites constantly delay final payments, referring to the final matches and plays, which were not conducted yet. In some cases, even if bookies meet all requirements, set by a blacklisted site – customer support simply didn’t reply to them within a month or more. 

  • Poor Customer Support 

The most common issue which all bookies face in the end. The customer support of such bookmakers ignores the bookies’ questions and complaints and may even temporarily block the account. 

  • Difficult to manage the huge volume of petty cash transactions 

In case a bookmaker has a huge volume of transaction and it is not able to handle it due to the failure to provide the required level of customer support – it relates to the blacklisted ones.

So, proceeding with the above-mentioned issues, let’s take a look at examples of the blacklisted betting sites.

List of Worst Betting Sites & Why


1 / 10

Furthermore, will not benefit from match-fixing for the following two reasons: the process of earning money on this site doesn’t seem legit and, according to the customers’ review, is quite complicated. Here are the basic steps to make a bet and win, according to the rules:

If you google the definition of betting you will get ‘the action of gambling money on the outcome of a race, game, or another unpredictable event. In you don’t pay money just to predict the outcome of the game. is neither a betting platform nor do we encourage or promote betting on any players, matches, and contests. has no control over its users’ activity outside of their time spent on its platforms. 

Furthermore, will not benefit from match-fixing for the following two reasons: the process of earning money on this site doesn’t seem legit and, according to the customers’ review, is quite complicated. Here are the basic steps to make a bet and win, according to the rules:

  • Select players from both teams;
  • Form your own dream team, which will provide you the best possible combination;
  • Score points on the player’s  performance respectively;
  • ONLY IN CASE, you come out at the top – you will get a chance to win the league.

In case of the positive outcome of the play – you will earn money. Otherwise, you will lose.

We note that your selection doesn’t influence the outcome of the game. Instead, it’s the game that influences your winning outcome. 

So we can state that  is a team/match/player agnostic platform, but not a reputable bookmaker! Irrespective of which side wins, for users playing on, their respective fantasy team’s collective performance decides their final outcome/position/rank.

And the main point is that with more than 1 user playing on Dream11 – more than 1 million team combinations are possible. These make it impossible to know everyone’s selection and fix players thereof.

Wherever money is involved, especially in these types of situations we should warn our customers that it might be illegal. That fact provides us full confidence about referring to site as to a Blacklisted one.

Despite the fact that is advertised in apps like cricbuzz, which is a very popular app, please be wise and don’t forget about legitimacy. Subsequently, in the end, it will have an impact on your bets and the money you are betting on.


2 / 10

According to the customers’ reviews, dreamexch was created only for a limited number of members or players like 2, 10, 300. But to speak about grand league contests where you can win lakhs and crores are totally fake. Here are the reasons why this site as a blacklisted one and customers’ complaints about this site:

  • How in the last minutes in only a few seconds № of teams get filled even if the contest is ½ filled. Imagine the case, if there are contests of 10 lakh people (just an example) then you can see in the last few seconds if 5 lakh contestants got filled this again proves it to be a fraud.
  • If everyday people are winning in crores and lakhs, why don’t different faces appear in different advertisements? Still, they use faces of famous players for ads but if common people who are playing games obviously will be more trustable. Here, the Luck factor plays a big role because they make every possible combination for winning.
  • You will be able to win only if you try to play with fewer contestants. Customers also state that this will be a bit tougher than playing in a huge population.


3 / 10

The use of coins versus money should not matter, if you are paying for the coins, you are playing for money.

1 / 10

Bookies on this website state that their margins and profitability are under attack like never before so they have set up their computer systems not only to pick out clients who keep winning but they are on the lookout for value bettors and advantage players who might win in the future.

The easiest way to solve that problem is to keep on losing, however unbelievably this does not guarantee you will not get your account closed or limited.

2 / 10

The bookmaker doesn’t provide accurate Customer Support as well as T&C regulation (Terms & Conditions). You are very unlikely to check their T&C before opening an account and see what kind of experiences other punters have.

2 / 10

Sun Bets’ activity and the betting options it provided became a subject to interpretation and a question, whether their activity was gambling. As a result, the bookmaker was fined by Gambling Commission and was potentially prohibited.

3 / 10

Our review found out that Bwin has very untrusted marketing partners and the fact of that can influence the reputation in total. Based on that point, Bwin is referred to as a blacklisted one.

4 / 10

Betsafe has the same problem as Titan Bet – both of these bookmakers do not provide proper customer support. For that reason, bookies’ remarks and concerns go unheeded.

1 / 10

As stated by the open sources, this bookmaker is fake due to the fact that SkyBet is not actually owned by SkyBet. So there is a risk of legitimacy regarding the final sum, you are investing into your bets. In addition, several times the site was caught cheating its customers by its marketing department team.

2 / 10

When you register as a new customer, reputable bookmakers will offer you an incentive such as a free bet or matching deposit bonus. However, 10bet requires you to wager the bonus ‘X’ amount times before withdrawal whereas others don’t.

1.5 / 10

Despite the fact that a promotional code offered by usually reputable bookmakers for a first deposit in most cases leads to the wagering requirement and, as a result, your chances of cashing out are slim, this website does not provide the required amount of promo codes, discounts, etc to its customers. In addition, Gamebookers puts a minimum odds limit too.

3 / 10

In comparison to the above-mentioned bookmaker, Winner Sports provides promotions but not all the promotions are that useful, according to the customers’ feedback.  Moreover, this site requires a deposit, which is way higher than in usual reputable sites. According to the bookies, which were using this bookmaker, the wagering requirement is overvalued almost x8 times higher than its usual market price!

Why Do Bookmakers Get Bad Reputations?

Closing Accounts

Reputable bookmakers would never block your account because of arbing. With reputable bookmakers, this should not happen at all. The reputable bookmaker will never confiscate money just because somebody was arbing. There are usually three scenarios that can happen if bookmaker notices you are arbing and hence bringing them action that will likely cost them money:

  •  The bookmaker welcomes your action as it helps them to sharpen their odds and develop their model. For example, Pinnacle welcomes all arbers and doesn’t block or restrict you.
  • The bookmaker limits their potential losses by restricting your account to smaller limits. There can be various degrees of restrictions and in the worst case, you can only bet a few EUR/USD/INR on any match after restrictions are set on your account
  • The bookmaker sees you as an unwanted customer and closes your account. Even in this scenario, the bookmaker will honor your unsettled bets and return your balance.

Delaying or Refusing Payouts

Reputable bookmakers will always adhere to their T&C (Terms and Conditions), while settling the customers’ claims, especially, when such claims refer to payouts’ problems. You should always check their T&C before opening an account and see what kind of experiences other punters have. For example, by reading sport aggregator websites, such as, and etc – in that case, you are getting a bonus including a rollover requirement, bookmakers are very strict in seeing you follow their rules before they release you the funds. 

Limiting Bet Amounts 

Some bookmakers tend to put a limit on the money you can bet. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be banned. Bookmakers don’t like it if bookies constantly win and that’s why they are eager to limit your account, limit the stake size or offer odds, so they disable professional betting. 

The bookmaker will limit the amount that you bet and may even close your account but should never take your money IF you are using accounts in your own name. Some people use accounts in other people’s names and if the bookmaker can prove that is happening they may then confiscate

But don’t be upset! We will provide you a tip on how to avoid the above-mentioned regulation

You can not avoid limiting if you bet professional tips that earn a constant profit, but you can extend your account’s lifetime – via limiting your max bet size to 30 EUR/USD/INR and you bet on bigger leagues and live bets too. Plus, don’t deposit your whole bankroll, always just enough to cover your daily betting, and withdraw only after limiting and use no bonuses and no unnecessary contact with support. 

These will prevent you from attracting attention. 

With a reputable account on a betting site, you can get out EUR/USD/INR 2000–6000 before you get limited. 

Limiting Access To Promotions & Cheating via Promo Codes

Reputable bookmakers use methods that all perfectly legal and work anywhere you can access a betting exchange and bookies give you promotional offers. This means that by giving you a promotional code, a legal and reputable bookmaker will never cheat on you. As stated by the customers’ review, blacklisted bookmakers apply such methods in the usual order. For example, a match can be fixed even on the last ball or 1 minute of play. Such situations are common for fantasy matches, which are offered by many Blacklisted Sites (like, which are described below.

Raja’s opinion

So, I have mentioned a number of blacklisted sites, based on the analysis of customers’ feedback and reviews. However, it is highly recommended to operate as per your opinion. Make sure you are able to try every site and ascertain for yourself that the above-mentioned blacklisted sites aren’t worth your attention. 

I suggest you start off with matched betting using only Reputable bookmakers.

Remember, that some things worked out for one person – they might as well work out for you!  In order to achieve success – operate with the one which you find really convenient! Follow the updates and good luck!