About the Google Pay: Features and Advantages

Google Pay is a payment system developed in 2015 for transactions through Android smartphones. It uses a wireless data transmission method called NFC – this technology replaces the usual PIN chips used in all debit and credit cards. Personal data, such as name and date of birth, are downloaded directly to the device. They are not transmitted when a payment is made. A bank card or e-wallet is connected to your Google account, and the transaction is made through it.

To pay, you need to hold your smartphone up to the terminal and wait for a successful reading signal. The concept is similar to contactless card payment, but with one difference: two-factor authentication. It provides greater transaction security. Another advantage is that there are no additional fees for using it.

Advantages of Google Pay payment system

Of course, the main features of this payment system are promptness and security. It is precisely why it is loved and why people choose it. However, apart from that, it also has several other advantages. Here are some of them:

  • Absolute payment security with protection of the user’s personal information;
  • Multiple debit cards can be used;
  • Promptness – payments are made in a few minutes;
  • All versions of an operating system are supported;
  • Automatic currency conversion;
  • The service provides its services free of charge, and there are no commissions.

This review will present many betting shops with recharges via Google Pay. It should be noted that this payment method is present in many companies, but we have also put together the best betting shops in a separate group, especially for you. Besides, in this article, you will find information on how to deposit on betting sites using Google Pay and open your personal account with Google Pay, which betting sites accept this method of recharging your account, and much more.

How to deposit with Google Pay on a betting site?

How to add money in Google Pay, you’ll ask? To add money to your betting account via Google Pay, you’ll need an Android smartphone with contactless payment (NFC) support. If you want to get it right the first time and avoid any mistakes, we suggest using our little step-by-step guide.


Download the app.

First, you need to download the app from the official Play Market shop.


Sign in to your Google account.

Then, identify yourself by signing in to your Google Account.


Choose the most convenient payment method.

Finally, you need to choose your payment method: debit card, Skrill, Neteller, and so on. Actually, there are a lot of Google Pay payment options India. Also, don’t forget about your UPI ID (or Google Pay VPA) – some bookmakers require them when you proceed to the Google payment gateway India, such as Bodog. You can find out more about this in the Google Pay app. Residents of the US and UK can link a bank account. For citizens of other countries, this feature is not yet available. Done!

If you’ve already linked your bank card to your Google Account, it will activate automatically. If not, you’ll need to scan your card with your smartphone and enter the number and expiration date manually. You can delete the card by clicking on the appropriate icon. If the selected bookmaker does not support the desired currency, an automatic conversion takes place.

Players transfer funds from their betting account to their Google Wallet balance and then to the linked account. Transactions take anywhere from 2-3 minutes to a day, depending on the issuing bank. There are no maximum or minimum amount limits. For transfers over 1,000 rupees, entry of PIN code is required. If you have any questions, you can contact Google Pay support via hotline or email.

Open a Google Pay account

To create your personal Google Pay account, follow these instructions:


Install Google Pay.

First, download the Google Pay app and install it on your device.


Follow the instructions on the screen.

Then, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. Add your card. You will see a message when it is available. You may need to set a screen lock on your Android device. The app only works if you can unlock the screen in one of the following ways: PIN, password, graphics key, fingerprint, or iris. Methods such as facial recognition, Smart Unlock, and Knock to Unlock are not supported. To make payments in shops, make sure your phone software is compliant, and your device supports NFC and HCE technology. Remember to turn on NFC. In third-party payment apps that use a Google account, such as iD, QUICKPay, Mobile Suica, and Mobile PASMO, you should choose the same account you’ve added to Google Pay.


Select Google Pay as your primary contactless payment app.

If you have more than one contactless payment app installed on your phone, make sure that Google Pay is selected as the main one. Done!

If you’ve installed Google Pay but can’t find it on your device, try changing the home screen view. To do this, go to your smartphone settings and, under Work screen style, select Apps screen or All apps.

Deposit with Google Pay

Deposit with Google Pay

Google Wallet uses the features of biometric authentication systems when carrying out transactions. In particular, fingerprint and iris scanners. On smartphones without such features, authentication requires the entry of a password, i.e., a PIN. When making a payment, Google uses a generated identification number. It is used to read the user’s personal information. Transactions do not involve the original details of the means of payment or the name of the owner.

Such technology maintains the principles of privacy, which provides increased security compared to most other payment methods. Some smartphones feature “smart authentication”. If it deems that the device is not in a secure state, it additionally asks for user confirmation. The exception is when paying less than 1,000 rupees, you only need to unlock the display for the transaction to take place. Overall, it is safe to use betting shops with Google Pay.

Betting sites that accept Google Pay

And now, a little bit about those bookmakers who support Google Pay India and allow their customers to make deposits using this payment system.

Here is a list of betting shops that accept Google Pay payments in India:

  • 1xBet;
  • Bodog India;
  • Melbet;
  • Betwinner.

As mentioned above, the list above includes bookmakers with Google Pay recharge, which are popular in India and will suit Indian punters’ requirements perfectly. But keep in mind that this payment method is present in many companies, so just check before you use the services of a particular betting shop to see if it accepts payments made with Google Pay.


There is no consensus among bettors about Google Pay. Those who have used it (and the majority of them) say it is convenient and reliable. Of course, some players are pretty conservative and prefer to deposit their accounts by proven methods. Also, some users complain that the service only works on smartphones with premium brands, and contactless payments don’t work well if the phone is in a case. However, none of this compares to the benefits that Google Pay has to offer.


How do I deposit on a betting site with Google Pay?

Depositing money via Google Pay is very easy. If you don’t know how to do it but don’t want to make any mistakes, we recommend using our little step-by-step guide, which can be found under “How to deposit with Google Pay on a betting site” in this review.

Can I deposit Indian rupees with Google Pay?

Yes, Google Pay allows Indian players to deposit Indian rupees on betting sites. Since the launch of Google Pay in India back in 2017, they have allowed users to send and receive Indian rupees in a matter of seconds. So, now users from India can also use this international payment service to deposit their rupees on betting sites.

Is it legal to deposit money via Google Pay on a betting site?

Yes, depositing money on international betting sites using Google Pay is legal in India. The only thing to remember is that betting sites cannot legally operate in India, so it’s essential that you only use international betting sites based out of India. Fortunately, there are plenty of them out there, and many of them also accept deposits via Google Pay.