First Appearance And Development

Cricket was invented by English people around the 16th century, which was naturally introduced to Indian people because they were among the most significant part of the British Empire till 1947. However, there is no solid proof of date to When Indian people took an interest in this sport.

You should know that the first-ever recorded cricket match was in 1721 where a group of English sailors working for the East India trading company played a cricket match against one another in Kutch, western India. After so many years, there is not a single doubt that cricket is being played nationwide, and you should know that the first-ever official Indian team was not formed before 1848 due to the community of Parsi in Bombay (Aka Mumbai) introduced the OCC (Oriental cricket club.)

Eventually, the Oriental cricket club was invited to play cricket in Europe, and after that time, new teams started to emerge in India, which includes teams from Calcutta (Aka Kolkata), showed the commitment of Indian players towards cricket on the international stage.

New Competitions

After getting approved for a test match in 1932, where the OCC played against England international team in lord situated in London, after that, India began to expand its league and started incorporating more players and teams. Moreover, India had performed an impressive test inning against New Zealand and Pakistan, and then in 1935, Indian princes joined together to introduce the Ranji trophy.

You should know that the Ranji trophy was named after the prince of Nawa Nagar, sir RanjitSinhji, who played for England and was considered one of the best batsmen across the world during that time and became an excellent idol for his home country. Alongside the Ranji trophy, the BCCI (the board for control of cricket in India) also introduced the Irani trophy as a sequel to the Ranji Trophy, in which the team that won the Ranji trophy will play against the rest of India.

Building A Force

India started hosting its 1st test match series in 1932 but was not able to reach the international platform until 1952, where England was beaten on home soil by the Indian national team in a test match. And again, during the same year, they had won on the whole test series against Pakistan.

Gradually, India became a formidable foe by developing a team of high-quality players on their own ground, which helped them win multiple test series during the 60s and 70s. After being eligible for playing one-day internationals Indian cricket, players had to adjust their unique defence strategies into attacking ones.

You will be amazed to know that this strategy proved to be a stroke of huge luck, especially for the country because in 1983, during the third official ICC cricket world cup, the Indian team went on to win the match from the favourites West Indies.

Throughout the period between the late 20th century and 21st, India had produced several iconic players, which are considered among the best players in the sport’s history, including Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar.

Indian Premier League Aka IPL

In 2008, the board for control of cricket in India had capitalised on the popular format of Twenty20 by building India’s first very own cricket league. You should know that the IPL is organised as it runs throughout March or April till May 1st week. Indian premier league features eight different teams which play with each other in a League format in order to decide whose team goes throughout the playoff and reaches the finale.

One should know that the estimated cost of the tournament’s creation might be around $400 million. Though it put more emphasis on franchises and the capability of drawing the best players into the sport has increased the popularity of this platform from the past few years.

Nowadays, the Indian premier league is watched all across the globe and is considered as the high-quality domestic league that the world of cricket has to offer. The primary credit goes to Indian cricket is it shows how much Indians values and loves the sport, and with advanced development in the upcoming future, IPL will become the top cricket league across the globe.

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Raja Danish opinion

Cricket is one of India’s most beloved and the biggest sports, with millions of people turning up to local matches, tuning in on TV or playing it themselves. Moreover, one should know that for the Indian audience, cricket is an essential part of their culture and is considered one of the major factors, which helps in bringing every community together, both internationals and Nationals. With advanced TV coverage, in-play cricket betting, and expanding leagues, the history of cricket in India is relatively worth considering while determining how far this game has come.