Best Live Betting Site in India 2023


Online betting websites and apps are becoming more and more popular every day. Betting fans all over the globe have a great opportunity to place wagers on various sporting events and receive great bonuses right from their computers or mobile phones.

And if you enjoy pre-match betting, there is a special offer from top betting resources. Live betting is a unique chance to place bets not before but during the selected event.

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  • It supports most Indian payments services
  • Deposit and withdrawal process are simple
  • Deposit page is too minimalistic

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  • Easy deposit and withdrawal
  • No transfer fees

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  • High odds
  • Great selection of deposit options
  • Not many promotions

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  • Many payment methods
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Live Betting Sports

As live betting websites and apps are very popular in every country, international betting companies offer their clients a wide selection of sports that are popular in different parts of the world. You can select any sport to bet on, using this article to understand how to choose the best betting website or betting app for Indian enthusiasts and experts. Even though the most popular sports are basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey, and football, Indian customers prefer live betting on cricket. There are a lot of local and international betting platforms that allow Indian users to place wagers on different cricket events.

Advantages of Live Betting

Advantages of Live Betting

As 70% of all online bets are placed on live events, live betting is incredibly popular today. While pre-match betting is still a great opportunity to make money on sporting events, there are several unique qualities that distinguish live betting from others:

Knowledge, not just luck: 

Of course, any kind of betting is connected with luck, but when you place a live bet, you have a wonderful opportunity to use your knowledge. Live betting allows you to analyze the sporting event and think over all the little things before placing a wager. Do not lose this great opportunity to use your betting experience to win. 

Unique features: 

  1. Live streaming: This feature has appeared quite recently and has already gained popularity among betting enthusiasts and experts from different countries. Since it allows you to watch and analyze sporting events while they are in progress, there is no better way to choose the right moment for a profitable bet.
  2. In-game stats: If you don’t want or can not watch live streaming tv, there is another feature that can help you get accurate information about the course of the match. This feature allows players to analyze the game, place wagers, and win without watching the event.
  3. Virtual live feeds: This feature is a visual addition to in-game stats. It allows players to analyze every aspect of the game, visualize what is happening and make correct predictions before their live betting rate. 
  4. Cash-out: This is a very popular live betting feature that allows players to end and cash out their bets. This feature is designed to control your every bet and save some money if the bet is not going to win. Since this function may not be available for some sporting events, do not forget to check before placing a wager. 
  5. Multi-live: If you want to place several bets at the same time, then there is a very useful function that allows players to track several live matches at the same time. Top betting platforms offer their customers to use the multi-live feature to make numerous bets with maximum comfort. Do not forget to use a device with a big screen to analyze several matches at the same time.


There is one truly unique advantage that makes live matches really exciting and profitable. When the platform has to predict the course of the match and change the odds almost every minute, there are a lot of moments when players can place a very profitable bet and win. All you need to do is monitor the game to catch this special moment.


Emotions are exactly what makes live betting different from pre-match betting. Players can feel like they are part of the events and enjoy the excitement of participating in any cricket tournament, basketball game, or football match. That is why live betting allows players to get not only money and bonuses but also a lot of fun and excitement.

Types of Live Bet

Since there are a lot of betting resources that offer live betting to their clients, different platforms offer different types of live bets. You should join the most popular platforms to get access to the largest selection of live bets, and Indian players should use international betting websites or live betting apps to enjoy live betting with no limits. International betting platforms can also offer great welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, and unique betting features. Professional bettors and newcomers prefer these types of live bets:

  • Traditional Bets: Traditional bets are believed to be the most simple and profitable of all live bets. Since they are very popular and similar to usual bets, traditional bets are offered by all local and international betting platforms. It is important to remember that different events have different odds, and you can choose between them to find the most profitable offer. Traditional bets are designed to help players with no experience in betting to make a profit and learn how to use live betting platforms.
  • Parlays: Parlays are quite popular, but only International betting websites and apps offer this opportunity to their customers. Since parlay is a special bet that can be placed as an addition to your main bet, this is a great chance to significantly increase your winnings.
  • Prop Bets: Prop Bets are another special type of live bet offered by top platforms. As prop bets involve predicting the results of the game for a certain player, they are very popular among football, tennis, and basketball fans.

Live Betting Tips

Live Betting Tips

Live betting may seem quite difficult but in reality, it is a great chance to place a profitable bet and get the most out of it. Players just need to use their betting knowledge to analyze the sporting event and choose the right moment to place a bet. You don’t need to be an expert or insider, you just need to have enough knowledge to predict how the match is going to end. You can use some special live betting tips that may help you enjoy professional live betting, win, or just improve your betting skills.

  • Collect information: Since betting on live games can be very emotional, you should always be prepared for the game that you want to place a bet on. Collect as much information as possible about the participants and their injuries, read about the teams and their previous matches. Your main goal is to understand what to expect from the upcoming game and be able to predict the results of the match. Do not forget to read some articles with pre-match analysis and try to find out what is predicted by sports experts. The easiest way to succeed is to select live betting sports that you are already familiar with. Remember that it is always easier to win if you already know everything about the upcoming game.
  • Bet on top players: Every top team has leading players like Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) and LeBron James(the Los Angeles Lakers). After superstar athletes lose, you can expect them to rise back, and that is why it is quite easy to predict their actions. Experts believe that placing wagers on top players is one of the best betting strategies. Pick a top player who is currently in a losing position and try to predict at what point he will return to his leading position again.
  • Watch your finances: Experienced betting enthusiasts are always betting very carefully. They only use a small part of their deposit and try to avoid emotional bets. As it is very important to watch your finances, learn more about controlling your money while betting. Do not forget to be responsible to win money.


What is live betting on sports?

It is a unique and the most popular type of online betting. Live matches allow experienced bettors and newcomers to place wagers not before but during the selected sporting event.

How live betting works?

Live betting means placing your wagers on games and matches that have already begun. Since the odds are constantly changing, you have a great chanceEven though betting is always connected with luck, professional and prepared bettors can use their knowledge and experience to analyze the event and win. to choose the best moment to place your wager.

How to win live betting?

Even though betting is always connected with luck, professional and prepared bettors can use their knowledge and experience to analyze the event and win.

What sports can I live bet on?

International betting resources offer their users a wide selection of sporting events and sports from different regions and countries.

Can I live bet on the IPL?

Since cricket is very popular among Indian betting fans, live betting on the IPL is available on many platforms.

My Conclusion

Live betting is the most heart-pumping part of sports betting. You place the wagers as the progress of the game. As the players’ performance decides the match’s outcome at every moment, the odds also change. It means that you need to have a deep understanding of the sport you will be betting on. Any factors, even the knowledge of weather, can get you through live betting.

Based on my personal experience, I have concluded Bet365, Betway, 22bet, 1xbet, Parimatch to have the best live betting experience all over India. They will regularly give you match statistics and will also analyze the events for their players. The odds are high and are set by professionals. However, I would advise you to personally use these betting sites for live betting to find the one that suits you the most.