Best Indian Chess Betting Sites 2023

Chess is a fairly popular intellectual game among people of any age. The 7th century is considered the date of the emergence of chess. Later, this game acquired different statuses in different eras. Previously, chess was considered an exclusively royal hobby, later it acted as a means of knowledge and improvement for a wider audience. Today, chess tournaments have become very popular, in this regard, chess has taken its position in various betting companies.

Chess Raja.

Betting on Chess in India Guide

Thanks to such amazing chess champions as Viswanathan Anand, Pentala Harikrishna, Vidit Gujrathi and other Indian players, chess at the present stage in India occupies a very high position among other kinds of sport. There are a large number of tournaments that are in incredible demand, in particular those in which Anand himself, the FIDE world champion, participates. 

Most people prefer not just to look at the efforts of chess players to get a cup at any tournament but to combine this with a more gambling hobby – betting. If you are new to this business, this is not a problem at all, everything you need to place the best bet, choose the most comfortable betting site that offers chess markets, select the best chess betting odds and get the desired winnings is demonstrated in this guide.

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Which Indian Betting Sites Offer Chess Markets?

Which Indian Betting Sites Offer Chess Markets

Online chess betting is quite popular in the market, but not every site provides such an opportunity. However, there are still several online chess betting sites in India:


High chess betting odds, live streaming function, absolute reliability of funds and ease of depositing and withdrawing money – all these features are provided by Parimatch to its clients every day.


The #1 betting company in Asia can be proud of its on-site facilities: 24/7 customer support, a huge selection of different sports and a 100% guarantee of the safety of your funds.


Betway has some of the best odds. Whether it is a chess tournament or a football match, the chance of winning a good amount of Indian rupees is always high.


This bookmaker is considered one of the largest in the world. A wide selection of online chess betting games will be offered to your attention. Also, after registering, you will receive an excellent bonus up to ₹4000.


Here you can enjoy not only the excellent work of the company’s website but also its mobile application. In addition to all the standard functions, you have the opportunity to watch the online chess game for betting in real-time with simultaneous analysis and tournament statistics.


LeoVegas has an amazing sportsbook, user-friendly site interface, and frequent great promotions and offers. Chess betting online stands out here for its ease of use and advantageous odds.

How to Bet on Chess in India

The process of placing chess bets is absolutely as straightforward as betting on any standard mainstream sport. Betting companies have the same algorithm of actions, so you won’t have any problems with this. To bet on chess, you need to follow the next actions:


Register on the website where you will bet on chess.

The registration procedure for each bookmaker is written on their official website. Keep in mind that you have the option to get a welcome bonus after registering. After the sign up process, you have to log into your account and continue your activities here.


Select the tournament and the player you will bet on.

Study all the players, their previous successes in various championships and tournaments, and choose the most promising one. Choose a tournament or championship, referring to your preferences and odds.


Decide on the amount of your bet and enter it.

Pay attention and compare all the odds, choose the most suitable for you. As a result, decide on the amount of the deposit.


Finish placing a bet.

Make sure you have selected and entered everything correctly and place your bet.

Chess Betting Markets

Online chess betting, like betting on other sports, has its own characteristics. If you are not sure if you know how to bet on chess correctly, then the beginning of your journey should be to study the different types of betting markets. They play a rather important role, after analyzing each of them, you can choose the most convenient one for yourself. All types of market rates and their description are presented below.

Outright Winner

The peculiarity of Outright Winner is that you place a bet on the victory of a certain player. But sometimes it can be a bet on a player who will simply advance to the next stage of the tournament. Also, in some cases, you can place a bet right during the tournament, it all depends on the bookmaker you have chosen. But, of course, when placing a bet so late, you must remember that the odds in this situation will be significantly lower.

Match Winner

This type of bet is considered the most common because here you place a bet on the winner of the match. Due to the fact that chess tournaments are eliminated in one round, this betting market is especially relevant. As for the odds and chances of winning, it all depends on the betting company you choose.

Opening Move

Opening Move is rather original chess betting online market. Here the players’ strategy plays a decisive role, so you can bet on which strategy you think a particular player will choose. By guessing the right one, you can get a very good win.

Number of Moves

As in the previous type, the strategy also plays a leading role here. You need to place a bet on a certain number of moves that any player will make. A move is considered to be the action following the movement of the piece by the white player.

Teams to Be Relegated

The essence of this bet is about the same as in Outright Winner. The main difference is that this bet will be placed specifically on a team of players; accordingly, it is possible only in tournaments where players are divided into teams. Here you will also bet on the transfer of the team to the next stage or on their winning.

Chess Betting Tips and Strategies

Chess Betting Tips and Strategies

Although chess is considered a sport, the central part of the game is still human intelligence and the correct use of it, expressed in multiple cunning strategies and logical sequences. Nevertheless, betting on chess is just as easy as on other sports, but there are some nuances and certain strategies that will help you win. We have prepared for you some tips for making the most successful and profitable bet for you, which you can contemplate below.

  • Follow the ELO rating. With the ELO rating, you can find out all the information about any player you are interested in. This company collects various data about all players and their participation in different tournaments and championships. For instance, you can find out the nationality or age of a player, as well as his achievements.
  • Study the results of previous tournaments. While studying the previous tournaments in which the player, on whose victory you want to place a bet, participated, you will understand his main strategies and the general pattern of his victories. This way you can predict the outcome of the tournament in which he will participate this time.
  • Compare and choose the best odds. This point is no less significant than the previous two, although many people do not think so and often ignore it. Do not be too lazy to once again check the odds with different betting companies and find the best one. This will definitely bring you closer to winning a lot of money.

After learning all the strategies and tips for betting on chess, you could start directly with the betting process itself. But there is one more thing that you need to understand – these are the most popular chess tournaments and championships. Some of them are held on a regular basis once a year, but there are also those that can be carried out suddenly. Below are the most popular and well-known tournaments.

Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championship is, of course, the largest event in chess activity. It takes place regularly 2 times a year: in September and October. There are 2 versions of it: Women’s World Chess Championship and World Junior Chess Championship events. Many people strive to get a prize in this particular championship because here it is the largest in the world, the amount that the winner receives is approximately £895,000. But to get such a high win, you have to try your luck in the 12 stages of the tournament!

FIDE Grand Prix

This championship consists of four tournaments, the total number of which is 21 people. But only 16 people participate in three tournaments. The winner is decided by the serving method. That is, in the course of each tournament, one remaining leader is identified, who then plays with the other two. Finally, there remains only one winner of the entire series of tournaments.

Candidates Tournament

This tournament is attended by a large number of finalists of any local tournaments. Usually there are only eight participants. It should be mentioned that this tournament is also held by FIDE, and the winner will be able to challenge the world champion himself!


Super tournaments differ in the fact that they are private. That is, such tournaments are held all year round without a specific date because they depend on their sponsors. This usually involves only invited players. The most famous of these tournaments are Norway Chess, Sinquefield Cup, and Wijk aan Zee.

The legality of Chess Betting

The legality of Chess Betting

It all depends on the country of your residence and the betting company you have chosen. For example, in the jurisdictions of some countries, there is a prohibition on such activities, so you had better find out in advance before starting your activity in chess betting. Some bookmakers, usually little known, may not have the required licenses, which can also threaten the legality of your chess betting. Therefore, before placing bets, check whether chess betting is legal in your country and whether the betting company you have chosen has all the necessary licenses.

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Chess has a rich history, during which it was considered a hobby of different segments of the population, but at the present stage, there are many variations of the chess game that are not only for online betting: participation in chess tournaments, championships, or a simple game with friends. Not so long ago, it became possible to place bets on chess, which undoubtedly became popular among the clients of various bookmakers. This article is full of useful information about chess betting not only for beginners but also for experienced players. Here you can get acquainted with basic information about chess betting: a short history, major tournaments, and types of betting markets, as well as learn some of the most useful tips for achieving a win, which is often forgotten even by experienced players.


Can you bet on chess?

Sure! People began to show interest in chess tournaments as early as the 19th century. To this day, chess championships cause a lot of emotions not only among players, but also among spectators, so there are a lot of chess betting games on which you can bet online thanks to such betting companies as Parimatch, Bet365, Dafabet, Betway, Unibet and LeoVegas.

Can you earn money by playing chess?

Of course, yes. For winning various chess tournaments and championships, a cash prize is usually awarded. The biggest winnings you can try to win are in the Chess World Championship. But if you are not a fan of playing chess, you can place bets on the players or teams of players who, in your opinion, will win a particular championship, and make a profit.

Is chess hustling illegal?

It depends on the country in which you live. In some countries, gambling in public places is prohibited. Although chess is not considered a game of chance, there has been more and more emphasis on the connection between chess and gambling lately. Thus, it is better for you to know this fact within the jurisdiction of your country.

Is chess a gambling?

Chess is not considered a gambling, although in the 21st century many people find many connections between chess and passion and sometimes even equate chess with gambling.

When do chess tournaments take place?

There are different championships that have different dates, respectively. For example, the Chess World Championship is held consistently twice a year: in September and October. There are also sponsored tournaments that do not have specific dates but are organized spontaneously (for example, Norway Chess, Sinquefield Cup, and Wijk aan Zee).

Raja’s opinion

Chess is a slow-moving competition of intelligence, but the outcome can be predicted through calculation, especially if you have a decent idea of the game. As the popularity of chess is growing in India, regular tournaments are held across the country. It gives punters more opportunities to place bets on chess. In my opinion, Parimatch, Dafabet, Betway, Bet365, Unibet, and LeoVegas are the best for chess betting. All of them offer live streaming and have the best odds.