All You Need to Know About Fifa 20-21 Betting

Over the past decade, esports video games are taking place in the real-world playground. From kids to teenagers even mid-age people also got very addicted to this form of entertainment. Among them, the football video game brand Fifa from Esports got massive hype around the world. People from all over the world from every country and different levels and ages playing this game to their fullest enjoyment. Real-life sports on screen have always a great demand in the market of esports and FIFA esports has successfully reached the user demand.

Fifa live stream has spread its limit to the betting world, and soccer lover sports bettors welcomed this with a tremendous response. This trend is also touching India, and many young esports gamer professionals are choosing their careers in Fifa esports. Because of this popularity and common interest has become one of the most trending betting games in Indian casinos. This article will get to know all about Fifa esports, live stream fees, and betting. 

Fifa esports can be played in many forms. One vs one or two vs two. The bettors also put a bet on different types of FIFA live stream free tournaments and events. The real advantage is, it is effortless to identify any player’s playing ability, and you can bet money on Fifa esports by analyzing those factors. Fifa esports betting is as thrilling and exciting as the real-life football championship. Players can easily register for any online sports betting site and enjoy Fifa betting just by clicking. Casinos provide their app where any user can quickly deposit, win, and cash out their money from Fifa betting.

Betting Platforms for Fifa Esports in India

Fifa esports guides have been trending in the gaming industry for the last decade. Every year a new version of FIFA esports releases worldwide for the gamer community. On the other hand, all of the betting casinos arrange special betting campaigns and events during every kind of Fifa esports tournament. Bettors around the world play this new betting game all over the Fifa esports tournament season guides. There are some worldwide betting web-sites besides some Indian betting web-sites and they are offering a good range of Fifa esports betting events and special bonus advantages. For choosing the best Fifa esports betting site you need to be concerned about some side of any Fifa betting site. Now we are going to review some of the famous Fifa betting sites and how you can easily find out the suitable Fifa betting web-sites for your ultimate Fifa esports betting experience.

  • Always look for the best bonus options. Wisely check every part and bonus option from every available Fifa esports betting site. Choose from the best option bonus options and claim your welcome free Fifa esports bonus and how to win extra money for extra betting. 
  • Best feature and design with easy navigation facility on the Fifa esports betting site. 
  • Most common deposit and withdrawal facility with user-friendly customer service among other Fifa esports betting web-sites. This is one of the topmost priorities among casino users.
  • Look for the best and quality-based gaming options. Most gaming options give you more enjoyment on the Fifa esports betting site.
  • As you are betting on live esports games, please be sure your selected site has a live streaming facility or not.

Now we are going to review some trending Fifa esports betting sites for you.


Betway esports

Betway is one of the most popular and commonly used betting sites all over the world. Betway is giving their customers a huge number of gaming and bonus options on their platform. Besides, Betway Fifa esports opened a different section, especially for FIFA betting. The user can glance up different kinds of FIFA esports tournaments and can Fifa bets on them easily. How to win more money playing fifa esports? Betway Fifa esports betting is providing almost a hundred percent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees.



ComeOn sports betting is very familiar among the Indian FIFA betting. ComeOn sports betting is offering some cool features and a huge library for gaming options. ComeOn betting is also very popular for their Fifa esports section and they are giving a surprising amount of welcome bonus on Fifa bets. ComeOn Fifa esports opened a different section, especially for FIFA betting. The user can glance up different kinds of FIFA esports tournaments and can Fifa bets on them easily. ComeOn Fifa esports betting is providing almost a hundred percent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees cash on joining their site or betting app.



The Unibet betting app is also very general among bettors. Unibet has an easy and available mobile app facility and fast and secure payment, deposit, and withdrawal options. Unibet has also its particular esports section where the bettors can also bet on Fifa esports. Unibet also has some outstanding game features and bonus options. These bonuses and rewards can vary from event to event or tournament to tournament. Unibet is offering a cashback bonus and first bet back and also up to 2k rupees cash rewards for Fifa esports.

LeoVegas Betting


LeoVegas is also reputed on the market because of their safe and secure gambling on the Indian market. Moreover, LeoVegas is also providing lots of bonus and free bet options for Fifa esports betting players. They are offering top-tier bonus facilities like a hundred percent bonus up to 10k rupees cash. So, if you are looking for a site that is offering a great bonus deal then LeoVegas can be your best option.

Besides these top web-sites and betting apps,, buff. bet, ggbet is also giving away a good number of bonus and rewards deals.

Fifa Esports Upcoming Live Match and Tournaments Update

Official Fifa authority arranges the Fifa championships in different formats every year. Fifa World Cup, Fifa Esports Club World Cup, and Nations Cup are the major league games every year. Bettors worldwide can target these official events and play bets on their favourite Fifa World Cup players or team. Besides these events, different gaming companies and private gaming unions are also arranged for the global Fifa Esports Championship. The Fifa World Cup tournaments also plate in various stages and rounds. Bettors can take part in betting in every step and contest, and there are many sections of Fifa esports bet. Top-tier gamers around the world take part in these events for their glory. It is considered one of the leading online Fifa esports competitions around the world. Some of the upcoming global Fifa esports tournaments are:

  • Eliga Portugal 21 Championship: This global event is played by top-level gamers all over the world. The last date of the tournament is 9th April 2021.
  • Fifa eWorld Cup 2021: Fifa E-world Cup is the top-level Fifa esports event in Europe. Bettors can bet on this special Fifa Cup event on their betting website. The last date of this Fifa Cup is 28th February 2021.

These are the most recent upcoming events of Fifa esports. Besides, FIFA 21 Global Series Europe, eMLS League, FIFA e World Cup 2021, FIFA 21 Global Series Oceania, FIFA 21 Global Series Africa, Eligella Cup, eLaLiga Santander Fan Cup, eLaLiga Santander Fan Cup are the regular championships happening every year.

Fifa eSports Teams of India

India is also doing very great in Fifa esports worldwide. Indian gamers are building an Fifa esports community. During the lockdown, the number of players was also increased in India because the kids and teenagers got much time behind playing Fifa esports and other games. Some popular gaming communities in the global Fifa esports are UnderDog Gamers, Team SoloMid, Team Liquid.

Top-Rating Fifa eSports Players of India

India has some emerging talents in the Fifa esports arena. Every year, many expert players have to create their FIFA esports profile in the worldwide championship. Now we are going to introduce some of the famous and top-tier Fifa esports gamers of India.

  • Kartikeya Behl: He is one of India’s top-level Fifa esports players who won the local Delhi Championship and an International AFG Championship in 2017. He is also an organizer among the gaming community in India. 
  • Sujay Arasu: This guy is a part of the Chennai Fifa Union, a two-time FIFA Ultimate Championship Winner, and a national level Fifa 17 Champion. He also represented India on some International platforms.
  • Sudin Dinesh: He is one of India’s oldest Fifa esports legends who represented India on some International events in Fifa live stream free events last decade.

Besides,  Sameer Shaikh, Saksham Rattan, Syed Faraaz, Lokmanyu Chaturvedi, Siddh Chandarana, Ahamed are some famous and popular Indian Fifa esports players who are recognized nationally and globally.

Raja Danish opinion

As football is the most familiar sport around the world, Fifa esports got the maximum level of interest from the community in every country. Make sure check this article and find out more this fast growing niche of betting.