Betting guides on Call of Duty

The world-renowned game distribution and production company Activision published the famous fps game Call of Duty esports. It is considered one of the coolest and most played modern games of all time. Why is it famous? The credit has to go to the game’s definitive VFX and the highly realistic warfare tactics. While the game has been at the top of the gaming list for quite a few years now, the betting scenario of Call of Duty esports has also improved. With that, Call of Duty gambling has increased exponentially too.

Many people want to bet on Сall of Вuty esports but doubt which betting site to rely on and which guides to follow. Here, we will provide all the details for you to determine clearly where you can put your Сall of Duty esports betting trust and why. 

Call of Duty esports betting is as thrilling and excited as the real-life shooting championship. Players can easily register for any online sports betting site and enjoy the Call of Duty league 2021 betting just by clicking and scrolling. Betting sites provide apps and guides where any new user can quickly deposit, know how to win, and cash out their money.

Here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty esports betting.

Top Sites for Betting on Call of Duty in India

The Call of Duty provides four primary betting markets: the match-winner, the handicap market, the open winner, and the how-to win particular markets. The sector where more duty calls are put is the winner of the battle. For choosing the best Call of Duty esports betting site, you need to know the main features of these sites. Now we will review some of the famous Call of Duty betting sites and how you can easily find out the right Call of Duty betting sites for your ultimate betting experience.

  • Look for the best bonus options. Wisely check every part and bonus option from every available Call of Duty esports betting site. Choose from the best ones and claim your welcome free esports bonus and extra cash for betting. 
  • Go for easy navigation. Best design with accessible navigation facility on the Call of Duty esports betting site. 
  • Common banking options. Most straightforward deposit and withdrawal facility with new user-friendly customer service among other esports betting sites. 
  • Look for the best options. Find the best and quality-based betting options. Betting options give you more enjoyment on the esports betting site.
  • Ensure live streaming. Make sure your selected site that has a live streaming option.

Now we are going to review some trending Call of Duty esports betting sites for you.


Betway esports

Betway is one of the most popular and commonly used betting sites all over the world. Betway gives its customers a vast number of gaming and bonus options on its platform. Besides, Betway has a special section for Call of Duty esports betting. The new user can glance up Call of Duty esports tournaments and bets on them quickly. Betway provides almost a hundred per cent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees. 

CoMeOn Sports Betting


ComeOn sports betting is very familiar among the Indian Call of Duty world betting. ComeOn sports betting offers some cool features and an extensive library for gaming options. ComeOn betting also gives a surprising amount of welcome bonus on the Call of Duty bets. The new user can glance up different Call of Duty esports tournaments and bets on them quickly. ComeOn Call of Duty esports betting provides almost a hundred per cent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees cash on joining their website or betting app.



The Unibet betting app is also very general among bettors. Unibet has an easy and available mobile app and fast and secure payment, deposit, and withdrawal options. Unibet also has its esports section where the bettors can also bet on the Call of Duty esports. Unibet has some outstanding game features and bonus options. Unibet offers a cashback bonus, first bet back, and up to 2k rupees cash rewards for the Call of Duty esports. These bonuses and rewards can vary from event to event or tournament to tournament.

LeoVegas Betting


LeoVegas is also reputed on the market because of their safe gambling on the Indian market. They offer top-tier bonus facilities like a hundred per cent bonus up to 10k rupees cash. Moreover, LeoVegas also provides bonuses and free bet options for the Сall of Duty esports betting players. So, if you are looking for a website that provides a great bonus deal, then LeoVegas can be your best option

Besides these top websites and betting apps,, Buff. bet also give away a good number of bonus deals.

Call of Duty Esports Upcoming Live Match and Tournaments Update

Official Activision and Call of Duty official authority arrange Call of Duty championship in a different format every year. The Call of Duty Esports Championship, Call of Duty Esports League 2021, Call of Duty World Champions Challengers are the major league games every year. Bettors worldwide can target these official events and play bets on the betting website on their favourite players or teams. 

Besides these events, different gaming companies and private gaming unions are also arranged for a global Call of Duty Esports Championship. It is considered one of the leading online Call of Duty esports competitions around the world. The tournaments plate in various stages and rounds. Bettors can take part in betting in every stage and tournament, and there are many sections of Call of Duty esports bet. Top-tier gamers around the world take part in these events for their glory. Some of the upcoming global Call of Duty esports tournaments are:

Call of Duty Esports League Championship: Call of Duty Esports League Championship is an international level championship held on any international level platform, where eight international esports teams compete with each other. The prize of the event is $ 2,500,000 as a reward. The starting of this event date is still not announced. 

Call of Duty esports Challengers 2021: This international-level event will be held on any international platform. Ten teams will compete for the title. The prize money for the champions is $ 1,130,000 as a reward. The starting date of this event date is still not announced. 

Besides, a considerable number of Call of Duty mobile championship is happening worldwide every year. Bettors everywhere play the bet on their favourite game and player of any special Call of Duty India event.

Call of Duty Esports Teams of India

India’s emerging players are very interested and willing to play Call of Duty league 2021. They are building up teams and competing on a global level to take the glory. Some teams have also won titles in the international level Call of Duty championship. Some of the famous Call of Duty esports Indian teams are: 

  • Team Viper, 
  • Team Scout,
  • Team THUG,
  • Team Regaltos, 
  • Team Gaming Guru,
  • Team IND, 
  • Team Owais, 
  • Team Novaking etc.

Top-Tier Rated Indian Call of Duty Players

India has some emerging talents in the Call of Duty esports arena. Every year, many expert players have to create their Call of Duty India profile in the worldwide championship. During the lockdown period, the number of Call of Duty mobile players has significantly increased. Some become pro Call of Duty teams among them. Now we will introduce some of the popular and top-tier Call of Duty esports gamers of India.

Team VipeR

  • EbaNNN
  • SAMs
  • JOKOs

Team Sc0ut

  • Sc0ut
  • CreameH
  • Neutrino
  • Broszxs
  • Learn


  • THUG
  • India Argon
  • Moonscope
  • MonK
  • Xenon

Team Regaltos

  • Regaltos
  • El3ment
  • Shxck
  • ToxY
  • Dem0n

Team GamingGuru

  • GamingGuru
  • Alpha
  • Nair
  • Flash
  • Hydro

Team Owais

  • Owais
  • BurnZ
  • Trunks
  • Vegaz
  • Prevail


  • Laxus
  • Tej
  • RDX
  • Sly^
  • Abadoon

Team NovaKing

  • NovaKing
  • SuperfanSenpai
  • Exo
  • Abyss

So, these are the top-rated Call of Duty mobile teams and Call of Duty esports players in India. They represent India on several national and international Call of Duty esports platforms and win the glory for international recognition.

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