Betting guides on Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer game in the genre of first-person shooter (FPS) whose story revolves around the battle between two teams called Terrorists (TR) and Counter-Terrorists (CT). Each player controls a team member, and the game takes place in several rounds and different maps, leading teams to complete objectives and kill as many enemies to win.

Global Offensive is a continuation of the Counter-Strike franchise and the game that has gained the most attention and importance in the entire series. It was responsible for making Counter-Strike one of the most popular e-sports worldwide in recent years, alongside games of worldwide relevance, such as League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2.

In this guide, you will learn a little more about CS: GO, the development of gameplay, the game’s objectives, where to watch the CS: GO matches, what are the biggest professional championships today, and where to place your bets on the game. Aspiring gambler or not, it doesn’t matter: both will find relevant content in this article.

In essence, betting on e-sports and, specifically, on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is no different than betting on traditional sports. Two teams face each other in a match that can only have one result: either a team wins, or it loses.

Therefore, bets work in precisely the same way. Successful teams must have extraordinary players and an excellent level of interaction and communication so that their effort, skill, and performance are compatible.

A particular aspect of the game is the wide variety of maps available. Other popular e-sports, like Dota 2 and League of Legends, do not offer the same. This can make betting more exciting but also more complicated. One team, in particular, can do very well on one map but fail miserably on another. Therefore, knowing the team’s performance history and the maps on which players face more difficulties or facilities can be a profitable strategy for bettors.

Ten factors you need to keep in mind before you start placing bets on CS:GO:

  1. If you intend to be a frequent bettor, set a budget for your bets and never exceed it. Keeping track of your chances is also essential. For more counter-strike betting tips for beginning bettors, including how to set up your betting system, visit our guide.
  2. Treat the values ​​and the number of bets responsibly and as a means of entertainment. Bets placed solely for profit can directly lead to risky gambling.
  3. Choose an esports CS: GO betting site. There are now several options for Indian players. However, not all of them are recommended. Search and read user reviews before registering on any website.
  4. We recommend some e-sports sites that offer bonuses and other facilities for Indian players. You can read our reviews of each of these sites at any time and understand why we recommend some and not others.
  5. In the case of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you will easily find a lot of information about the game, professional teams, and players on the internet. We strongly recommend researching and reading these information channels and participating in discussion forums for players and bettors always to be well informed about the game.
  6. The most common bet is placed on the match’s outcome, i.e., which team you believe will win the most rounds in the game. More CS: GO bets can also be offered, such as handicap betting, depending on the site. We will show the main types of bets later in this article.
  7. Distinct aspects of sports betting, such as odds, analysis of the team, and player performance, are also present in CS: GO bets and in other esports. Being aware of these factors is fundamental.
  8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a dynamic, agile, and complex game. The game creates an entire universe, and it is crucial to know it from end to end to succeed in betting. It is not strictly necessary to be a player to bet, but the best bettors will also be players, as they are more familiar with the game and with professional CS: GO tournaments.
  9. Bettors can almost always take advantage of bonuses and other promotions in online betting. But whenever accepting a bonus, we recommend that you carefully read the rollover terms and rules associated with it.
  10. Information is essential. The better informed you are about the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and its professional players, the better you can weigh the chances of the teams and predict the outcome of a match. Keeping track of events and watching the CS: GO matches can be a great way to be well informed. You can watch the events are on Twitch and YouTube.

Top Sites for Betting on CS:GO in India

We know that the number of CS: GO betting sites and online casinos available for novice bettors is enormous and can seem extremely confusing. After all, they all claim to be the best, and they all offer almost irresistible promotions. But how do you know if a website is reliable enough to deposit your money on it and expect returns without significant complications?

There are many “pitfalls” when it comes to placing online bets, and Indian players are especially more concerned with the issue of security than they appear to be. Worrying about security is fundamental since several companies shamelessly steal money from their users without suffering any consequences. On the other hand, there are sites where you can play and bet safely. Let’s find out now how to find them.

There is very little content in Hindi about online casino games and betting in general. We are writing this CS: GO betting guide especially for new users. Here, we provide fair and informative content about online betting for Indian players, promoting responsible gambling and bringing important information about the current legal status of online casinos and betting games in India.

In addition, we write rigorous counter-strike betting tips and about sites that accept Indian users, covering a vast number of essential aspects for players. Based on these reviews, we can rank the best online casinos, sports betting sites, and, of course, the best CS: GO betting sites. See our selection below!


Betway esports

Betway is one of the leading sports betting houses, including all the bets you want to place on Counter-Strike. This site has excellent coverage of the Counter-Strike GO league, and you will have no trouble finding offers for the ESL Pro League, DreamHack Masters, Intel Extreme Masters, and other important events. The recommendations themselves are pretty varied, giving players numerous options to try the different bets.

Betway’s welcome bonus is the icing on the cake. The safe bets that the site offers not only allow you to have extra insurance but can also end up being quite a stimulus for the beginning of the journey. In addition, Betway is the main sponsor of the CS: GO Ninjas in Pajamas team, so it tends to offer great odds and unique markets for NiP games.



If we had to choose a word to describe Bet365, it would be a “complete” site. Whether because of its elegant design, feature-rich interface, or agile and quality customer service, this bookmaker goes beyond the basics to make your gaming experience as perfect and enjoyable as possible.

Bet365 also complements the list with super fair odds for both sports and e-sports, with varied markets and live betting options of all types you can imagine. However, Bet365 does not allow you to participate in betting on CS: GO skins, but that would also be asking too much for a website that has never claimed to be an expert in this market. Still, Bet365 is one of the best sites for e-sports.



Melbet is one of the houses that offer lots of promotions and opportunities to players! Founded almost two decades ago, this old guard bookmaker has made a name for itself by bringing a steady stream of bonuses and special offers to its customers. It is also a bookmaker that attracts players interested in less information and more convenience of use. In addition, Melbet has a huge list of promotions for existing customers, and while many of them play traditional sports, there are also great offers for e-sports games. Usually, this generosity would come at the expense of odds values ​​and betting markets. However, Melbet is surprisingly good at presenting competitive CS: GO betting sports offers. But Melbet does not even consider the possibility of broadcasting Counter-Strike GO league or other e-sports matches live, which is a minus for those who have such expectations about online bookmakers.

Upcoming CS:GO Live Matches & Events

The 2021 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) season will begin. Even with the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), Valve’s FPS distributed more than the US $ 15 million, and it was the game that won the most in 2020. And the title should keep its success in this year. The schedule for the new season already has several confirmed tournaments, and, for now, most should be online. See below the dates of the top international competitions of CS: GO in 2021 announced so far.

BLAST Premier: Global Final 20201/19 to 1/24
BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 20212/4 to 2/14
Intel Extreme Masters XV – World Championship02/16 to 02/28
ESL Pro League Season 1303/10 to 04/11
DreamHack Masters Summer 202106/03 to 06/13
BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 20216/15 to 6/20
ESL One: Cologne 202107/06 to 07/19
Intel Extreme Masters XV – Melbourne08/12 to 08/22
BLAST Premier: Fall Groups 202108/26 to 09/07
ESL Pro League Season 149/8 to 10/10
Intel Extreme Masters XVI – New York10/14 to 10/24
CS: GO Major Championship Fall 202110/23 to 11/7
BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 202111/23 to 11/28
Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Asia12/2 to 12/12
BLAST Premier: Global Final 202112/14 to 12/19

Indian CS:GO Esports Teams

Indian professional CS:GO scene is represented by the following teams:

  • 2EZ Gaming;
  • Bl4ze eSports;
  • Fit for eSports;
  • Headshot eSports
  • Reckoning eSports
  • The wicked gaming
  • Vibe
  • Wasted Potential

Indian CS:GO Esports Players

India has a lot of famous CS: GO players who play not only in Indian teams but in worldwide teams too. Some of the best known Indian cyber sportsmen are the following:

  • Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering (born December 8, 1998) is an Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.
  • Chinmay “PoKI” Mehta is a professional Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player.
  • Ritesh “RiTz” Shah is an Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike player.
  • Aakash “RiX” More is (born February 13, 1989) an Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike player.
  • Kiran “Rossi” R. (born September 3, 1998) is an Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is currently a trial player for Asking Questions.
  • Love “havoK” Paras (born February 10, 1993) is an Indian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike player. He currently resides in the United Arab Emirates.

Raja Danish opinion

Betting on e-sports is no different than betting on traditional sports so make sure to read this article and start making profit right away!