Complete guide to start betting on Clash Royale

How to win everytime in clash royale? It is not a secret that mobile games are a little underrated when it comes to online bettings because mobile games are made short and any kind of disturbance in the internet connection can cause mayhem at any moment. So it is a little risky to bet on any virtual mobile games. But clash royale is gaining popularity in the betting community day by day. It is easy and simple as well as quick to finish matches, hence, quick to payout for you.

So, the game was initially released with a 1v1 platform, where players had adequate cards to choose from and make a deck. how to win everytime in clash royale? We will be explaining how to win everytime in clash royale in a 1vs1 situation.

  • The 1st thing a player has to do when starting to play clash royale is that he has to select his own deck from a selection of cards strategically so that he has cards for every kind of situation, defensive as well as offensive.
  • With every win, clash royale provides a kind of arena chest to players that contain cards from many rarities. These cards will then be available for the player to pick out from when he is making his deck. 
  • In a clash royale game, the screen is usually divided into two corners. In one corner lies the player and in the other, an opponent. Both having the same amount of resources as the other one when entered. The objective of the game is to use the resources available to defeat the opponent’s cards and eventually break the opponent’s towers.
  • How to win everytime in clash royale? When the middle tower or the main tower falls, the game is over and he loses.
  • Beside the main tower, there are two more towers that continuously damage the opponent’s cards. These towers are just aside from the main towers.
  • Each time a player breaks a tower, the main tower gets notified and starts damaging the opponent’s cards. And once the main tower collapses, the game is over.
  • If there is a draw in the given time then there will be a sudden-death period and during that period anyone who breaks a tower wins. how to win everytime in clash royale? Defeat the enemy during the sudden-death period.
  • If during the sudden-death period no player was able to knock down the opponent’s tower, then the winner of the game will be selected by the one who has the most damage on the towers.
  • How to win everytime in clash royale? Clash Royale is a very simple game to master. how to win everytime in clash royale? Keep trying and keep making strategies with the cards you receive from the chest and create several decks that you can simply choose from and move on to matchmaking.

Sites where you can bet on Clash royale from India

There are lots of sites in India that you can bet on clash royale India on. But not all sites are reliable and trustworthy. Some web-sites will try to scam you. We have created a list of web-sites for you to bet on clash royale India but in case you wanted to choose where you want to bet your money, it’s up to you but always be aware of the following criteria when making a choice of web-site to make bet on clash royale India

  • Look for the best bonuses. Always look for the best bonus options while choosing a betting site to bet on clash royale. Wisely check every part and bonus option from every available clash royale India betting site. Choose from the best option bonus options and claim your welcome free clash royale India bonus and extra cash for extra betting. 
  • Prefer easy navigation. Best feature and design with easy navigation facility on the free clash royale India betting site. 
  • Accessible banking options. Most common deposit and withdrawal facility with user-friendly customer service among other clash royale India betting sites. This is one of the topmost priorities among casino new users.
  • Look for the best betting options. How to win everytime in clash royale? Look for the best and quality-based gaming options. Most gaming options give you more enjoyment on the clash royale India betting site.
  • Settle for a live streaming option. As you are betting on live clash royale India games, please be sure your selected web-site has a live streaming facility or not.

We have carefully selected a variety of web-sites where you can bet on clash royale India and not have to worry about the legality issue of betting in clash royale India. Betting in particular in some of the states of India is illegal but when you do it online it becomes legal because it is almost impossible to track and trace one single bet among millions especially when the servers where the bet was placed are located in some offshore country where betting is legal. Then the money becomes legal and there is nothing anyone can do about it. So, we selected some of the top sites for you to bet on clash royale India safely and without the tension of withdrawal.



Betway is one of the most popular and commonly used betting sites all over the world. Betway is giving its customers a huge number of gaming and bonus options on their platform. Besides, Betway clash royale India opened a different section, especially for clash royale betting. The new user can glance up different kinds of free clash royale tournaments and can Fifa bets on them easily. Betway is providing almost a hundred percent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees for betting on clash royale India. 



GGbet is very familiar among the clash royale India betting. GGbetsports is offering some cool features and a huge library for gaming options. GGbetbetting is also very popular for their clash royale India section and they are giving a surprising amount of welcome bonus on clash royale bets. GGbet opened a different section, especially for clash royale India betting. GGbet is providing almost a hundred percent bonus of up to 2500 Rupees cash on joining their site or betting app.



The Unibet betting app is also very general among bettors. Unibet has an easy and available mobile app facility and fast and secure payment, deposit, and withdrawal options. Unibet has also its particular esports section where the bettors can also bet on Clash Royale India. Unibet also has some outstanding game features and bonus options. These bonuses and rewards can vary from event to event or tournament to tournament. Unibet is offering a cashback bonus and first bet back and also up to 2k rupees cash rewards for betting on Clash royale India.

Upcoming Clash Royale tournament update 2021

Clash royale is such a game that tournaments can be easily created so there are lots of tournaments going on every day in the clash royale game. Some of the upcoming tournaments that are running and upcoming, are listed below:

Clash Royale League (CRL)

Clash royale is hosting the best tournament they have hosted in a while. The League is divided into 8 independent rounds, starting in January and finishing in September. There are 3 stages in each of these 8 rounds: 

  • Trophy Race
  • Monthly Qualifier 
  • Monthly Final 

The point system is used to build a leaderboard that monitors the progress of players and rates players during the year depending on their results. Points are critical since the highest point earners at the end of the eight Rounds will be invited to play at World Finals!

How to be involved with the tournament

The Trophy Race starts every 2021 CRL Round: The Trophy Race is a competition held on the Global Leaderboard, or “Ladder.” All you’ll have to do is open up the game and go into war! This ensures that in the Monthly Qualifier stage, anyone will play for a spot.

Some Famous Clash Royale teams from India.

India has some emerging talents in the Clash Royale India arena. Every year a good number of expert players have to create their Clash royale profile in the worldwide championship. Now we are going to introduce some of the popular and top-tier clash royale gamers of India.

  • Volcano Elite: Volcano Elite is one of the top-level Clash Royale teams in India. They are not only Indian Clash royale players who won the local Championship but also won an International Championship in 2017.
  • FC GROOTEGAST: They are a part of the Chennai Clash royale Union, is a two-time Clash royale Ultimate Championship Winner, and a national level clash royale champion on Clash royale india. He also represented India on some International platforms.
  • INDIA 24: They are one of the oldest Clash royale legends in India who represented India on some International events in the Clash royale event last decade.

Besides, IND REVOLUTION, TELUGU INDIANS, ChhattisgarH, FC GROOTEGAST, S H I V A, Los Revengadores are some famous and popular Indian Clash royale teams who are recognized nationally and globally.

Some Famous Clash Royale players from India

India is also doing very great in Clash royale India worldwide. Indian gamers are building a Clash royale community and they are doing very great in leading the country. During the lockdown, the number of players was also increased in India because the kids and teenagers got much time behind playing Clash royale and other games. Some popular and famous gaming communities in the global Clash royale are UnderDog Gamers, Team SoloMid, Team Liquid are very trending in the Clash royale community in India.

  • DVJ: Volcano Elite
  • Navjot: Volcano Elite
  • Rohil: ChhattisgarH

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For successfully betting on clash royale you need to first learn how to win everytime in clash royale, by following the guides. If you learn to play clash royale the chances of you correctly predicting an outcome of a match will skyrocket and you will be guided to earn money through effective betting in clash royale.