CS:GO scouting project is launched by Betway and MIBR

MIBR and Betway.

Betway betting house together with MIBR Brazilian eSports organization has started a CS:GO scouting project called Feitos no Brasil.

Betway’s Feitos no Brasil was officially launched on July 7 and is only intended for players aged 13 and older. The project will end on August 8, when a player earns a spot on the MIBR Academy list.

According to the statement, the project’s objective is to reveal new players for the academy through the Brazilian IGC game platform.

Renato Nakano, the IMBR’s strategic coach, will follow the Gamers Club leagues and matches to analyze the profiles of promising players in the first three weeks of Feitos no Brasil. The scouting will be broadcasted live on the coach’s Twitch account and the top 20 candidates will get a Gamers Club badge.

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“Brazil has such an incredible pool of CS:GO talent and we’re really proud to support the search for the next big star with Feitos no Brasil by Betway,” – commented Adam Savinson, the representative of the Betway esports.

The chosen players will be divided into four teams to participate in the Betway Feitos no Brasil Tournament. After the tournament, new MIBR academy coach Enrique Waku and Nakano will select a player who will be qualified to become a part of the organization.

Just like in the case of the scouting process, Nakano will stream the tournament on his account. Additionally, Brazilian viewers will have a chance to win rewards such as a subscription to Gamers Club Plus, signed MIBR t-shirts, and MIBR flags.

The MIBR’s Chief Executive, Yuri ‘Fly’ Uchiyama, stated the following: “Feitos no Brasil is a direct translation of Made in Brazil to Portuguese, which is meant to wake local players up from their slumber after pursuing the dream for so long.”

Betway came out with an announcement claiming itself as a MIBR’s partner in 2018. From that moment, the betting office has entered into a series of contracts with esports organizations like FURIA, G2 Esports, PSG Esports, etc. 

The esports insider reported the following: it is great to observe how sponsors and organizations work together to create a project that is closely related to the esports industry. It is exciting to see what talents will be selected at Feitos no Brasil and whether new players will make the MIBR academy even stronger. That being said, the MIBR and Betway partnership will make it possible to create exciting cooperation and promote the IGC Gamers Club platform.