Five Players Who Quit IPL amidst Covid-19 Crisis

The current pandemic hasn’t been kind towards the sports community. Last year, most of the sports tournaments have been canceled. While it was postponed to a later date in 2020, it was still played without any audience. Apart from that, players had to follow strict bio bubble rules.

As the first wave of Covid-19 came to an end, BCCI held the current IPL season in India instead of the UAE. However, things took a really bad turn in the month of May. The first IPL match took place on 10th April as per the regular schedule. 

The teams still had to follow safety protocols. Everything was going smoothly until it wasn’t. In the month of May, India was hit by the second wave of Covid-19. It came all of a sudden when India was not ready to handle it.

Five Players Who Quit IPL amidst Covid-19 Crisis

Players Started Testing Positive:

During May, IPL players, as well as the support staff, started testing positive for Covid-19. It started with two players from the KKR team testing positive. After these players, Covid-19 spread like wildfire amongst other team players.

Each team had a separate bio bubble. However, despite taking safety precautions, more and more players kept testing positive. The players were kept in isolation while the matches continued.

Looking at the situation, five IPL payers decided to take a break. Some players fled the country while others went to support their families. When four players tested positive within two days, BCCI had to stop the tournament mid-season.

Players Who Left IPL Due to Covid-19:

In our cricket fresh news, we are going to talk about players who decided to leave IPL 2021. Here are the five players.

  • Ravichandran Ashwin: He was among the first players to leave IPL. R Ashwin is one of the well-known players from the Delhi Capitals. Few days before IPL was officially stopped, he took it to social media to inform cricket fans that he will be taking a break from IPL. He left to support his family, who were fighting against the pandemic. R Ashwin thanked his team and talked about joining IPL again if things looked good. The good news of Delhi Capital fans is that he will be returning to play in UAE in September.
  • Adam Zampa: He was the first player to leave IPL from team RCB. Adam showed concerns about bio bubble safety and wanted to go back safely to Australia. This Australian player left the team due to personal reasons. 
  • Kane Richardson: He was another Australian player to leave RCB. He had personal reasons to quit the tournament. Kane took it to Twitter to inform the fans about his decisions. 
  • Andrew Tye: Andrew played for Rajasthan Royals but decided to quit IPL. He took the decision due to travel restrictions as he wanted to move back to Australia safely.
  • Liam Livingstone: This English player from Rajasthan Royals decided to quit IPL due to bio bubble issues. He flew back to his home country due to a bio bubble fatigue problem. He won’t be returning to resume the tournament in UAE.