India Prepares To Meet Pakistan on October 24 in T20 World Cup

India Prepares To Meet Pakistan on October 24

The Indian team is going to train for their cricket match against Pakistan on October 24 in the T20 World Cup. Following the schedule of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the T20 World Cup will take place between October 17 and November 14 in UAE and Oman.

Pakistan is going to be the first competitor of India in its first match of the T20 World Cup in Dubai. The ICC has recently revealed a schedule for the upcoming tournament’s games. The Cup will start with Round 1 Group B and the first encounter between Papua New Guinea and hosts Oman on October 17. 

The qualifying part of the T20 World Cup, the Super12 Stage, will end with the Group 1 challenge between South Africa and Australia in Abu Dhabi on October 23. The evening clash between the West Indies in Dubai will take place on the same day. 

Group 2 will start with the potentially tough game between Pakistan and India in Dubai on October 24 at 6 pm local time. India is going to defend its unbeaten record of 12-0 at World Cups. New Zealand is the next rival of Virat Kohli’s team on October 31 in Dubai. 

The first and the second semi-finals will take place on November 10-11 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Both of them have a reserve day. The final of the T20 World Cup is going to take place in Dubai at 6 pm local time on November 14 with a reserve day on November 15.