USA’s Minor League T20

Cricket is one of the most lucrative and entertaining sports in the world. Most people around the globe love are watching this sport. There are many leagues and tournaments in cricket.

World Cup and IPL are the most popular cricket tournaments. However, looking at the popularity of the sport, many new leagues are being introduced. One such popular format of cricket is T20. 

As the name goes, there are only 20 overs in a match. This makes the tournament more interesting. T20 World Cup will be held in the month of October this year.

However, as per cricket fresh news, there is another T20 tournament that is going to take place this year. It is Minor League T20. Not to be confused with the World Cup, this tournament is the USA’s franchise.

Everything You Need to Know about USA’s Minor League T20

What Is Minor League T20?

It is a T20 cricket tournament organized in the USA. There will be 27 teams in this tournament. The teams will be based in cities across the USA. This tournament had begun on 31st July. The final match will be played on 3rd October. 

It is the first USA-based cricket tournament. All the teams will be divided into two categories, i.e. Atlantic and Pacific. Apart from that, the Atlantic will be further divided into Southern and Eastern. Similarly, the Pacific will be divided into Central and Western.

One distinct feature of this tournament is that the matches will only be played on weekends. This Minor League will make a pathway for America’s first professional cricket tournaments. It will be called Major League Cricket. It will be introduced in 2022.

The USA is one of the biggest sports markets. As more and more citizens are showing interest in cricket, it is the right move by American Cricket Enterprises. The biggest highlight of this Minor League is that many well-known celebrities and investors have invested in it.

Shah Rukh Khan, who owns an IPL team, has also invested in this venture. Apart from that, Satya Nadella is also one of the investors. SRK have made investment around $10 to 15 million. The total investment in this Minor League is around $90 million.

They are using this money to create one of the best cricket training facilities and amenities in the USA. Many centers and stadiums have been constructed across the USA.

Who Are the Players?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many professional cricketers in the USA. They have actively participated in cricket tournaments in different countries. There will be around 80 cricketers who are going to play in this tournament. While some players will come from within the USA, there will be many international players as well.

There will be Corey Anderson. He is an ex-New Zealand cricket player. Then, you will have Sami Aslam. He is an ex-Pakistan player. You will also see Shehan Jayasuriya. He is an ex Sri Lanka player. Apart from these well-known players, there will be many other international cricket players who will participate in this league. The players will be paid according to the category of selection.